Design, install, repair, debug, maintain and train one-stop service system

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    Smart factory is based on the concept of factory operation’s whole value chain, through management of customer: from whole value chain resources integration and process control among business sales, design & development, production & manufacturing, quality control, supply chain management, after-sales service, also combine the Lean-Thinking. Meantime, we apply industrial automation technology, intelligent recognition, Internet industry, the Internet of things technology, 3D virtual simulation, cloud computing technology, industrial data analysis, and the mobile terminal applications to realize real-time management to enterprise to realize intelligence, digitization, and visualization.

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    Smart factory will realize the digitization of whole company operation process from customer ordering to product design research & development, raw materials procurement, production delivery, etc. And it will integrate the operation control, field management, enterprises operation, and collaborative business into a digital enterprise circle, and gradually make the whole lean.

    Jinsheng will integrate the new generation of information technology (Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, etc.) and manufacturing activities process (design, production, management, service etc.), to provide systematic and comprehensive transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing scheme, comprehensively build digital factory to boost China's manufacturing boom.